Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bertha Church Must Haves for Back to School

Students AND Parents:  The following items are crucial to have when moving out of the house for months at a time.  Don't make the mistake of forgetting them.  It will only cost you money, be a hassle and waste valuable time you could have spent living the college life and focusing on your studies! 

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Bra fitting- new bras
Another school year is about to begin and everyone has a chance to get back on track, why not start with your undergarments?  Read up on the importance of a good bra fitting here

When moving into dorms or an apartment where you will be sharing space with people other than your immediate family, ROBES ARE KEY!  They cover you, are easy to throw on, absorb a lot of water and are comfy.  You will want several, possibly a terry (towel) robe for after the shower and then a modal/cotton one for other times?

New Panties
Bring enough panties so that you can avoid doing laundry once a week.  Remember, the lifespan of underwear is 8-12 months, and as women we really need to be getting rid of panties at the appropriate time and not keeping them around for years as most do!

Pajamas for all types of climates are important.  Be prepared to live with someone who may like to sleep in a much cooler temp than you are use to or vice versa.  Cotton knits pants or flannel ones are good for the cooler nights and woven cotton for warmer temps.

Sleep shirt: Covers enough to walk around in, but allows you to sleep without pants on.

Quality hosiery and shape wear
You will find yourself needing to dress up for social events or school projects.  Ladies keep it classy and cover up those legs with some hosiery!  Hosiery does not have to be uncomfortable if you get a good quality product.  Shape wear is becoming so prevalent these days that even women who don't necessarily need the shaping are wearing it.  Invest in a shape wear item or two, you will be amazed at the difference it makes.

Camisoles and Coobies
Outfit savers right here!  Sheer tops are in, but in many cases you will need a plain camisole to wear underneath in order to keep everything from showing.  Camis also come in lace and are good to wear underneath crop tops or cardigans to show and change up the outfit a bit.  Coobie bras are bras to replace the camisoles with so that you do not have the extra layer of clothing on your mid-drift.  They also make for great lounge and travel bras - MUST TRY!

Sleep Mask
Wear this fashionable accessory when your roommate/housemate is studying and needs the lights kept on, but you need to get some sleep.


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