Thursday, October 20, 2011

Different Bra Styles

Different Bra Styles: Find the right style that fits YOU

Adhesive Bras
Bra cups that have reusable adhesive on one side. This bra does not provide any support, but they give shaping and prevent your nipples from showing. This bra has been known to save many women who have a near impossible outfit to find a bra for.

Unlined, wireless bra that comes with clasps in the back or pulls over your head. It is more of a leisure bra or for someone who does not need that much support. They make for great first bras for young ladies.

Front Closure Bras
This type of bra can be hard to find, but women like the concept because it is easy to get in and out of. Front closure bras are no longer common on the market for the following reasons. The bra cannot be adjusted causing the lifespan of the bra to be much less than one that can be adjusted and provides less support than a bra that hooks in the back.

Long-line Bras
Long-line bras are a fabulous style that seems to have been forgotten by most women. Long-line bras virtually eliminate bumps from the neck down causing a smooth look. They also distribute the support over a greater amount of your upper body, thus reducing stress to any one area like shoulders or back. Your clothes may fit better when wearing a long-line bra due to the snug fit around your torso.

Minimizer Bras
Large breasted women like a minimizer because they feel it makes them look smaller in the chest, and allows them to wear button front blouses without that pulling look. A minimizer does not reduce the size of your breasts. Rather, it minimizes your breasts' projection. When buying a minimizer, you should buy one in your normal bra size. Don't purchase a size down thinking you will get a more
minimizing effect. All you will get is an ill-fitting bra.

Padded Bras
A push up bra is great to give the illusion of a larger bre
ast size. The padding, if removable, is known as a "cookie". Push-up bras are padded bras with additional padding at the bottom portion of the cup to lift the breasts, creating the illusion of a larger breast. Most push-up bras come in C cups or smaller and have wide-set straps. However, you can find some push-up bras that go up to DD cups.

Racerback/T-Back Bras
A racer-back bra is any design for the back that allows maximum movement of the back and arms. Because of the back design, a racer-back bra will most commonly be front closure. It therefore has all the front closure challenges mentioned above. Racerback bras are a great solutions to prevent your straps from falling off your shoulders.

Sports Bras
Sports bras are worn during exercise for support. The sports bra minimizes breast
bouncing. Its design includes wider straps, and broad cup coverage. Sports bras are designed using one of two engineering concepts:
  • The compression bra, which works like the old Ace bandage by compressing the breasts against the chest (giving a woman what some might call a "uni-boob")
  • The other concept is to encapsulate each breast. This style sports bra tends to look more like a traditional bra with full cup coverage. Wide straps, clasps and in some cases, underwires keep the breasts in place.

  • Strapless Bras
    The most successful strapless bras have a wide band; boning under the arms and at the center front; deep underwires; gripper-like silicone strips along the inside to reduce slippage; and special elastic with exposed small rubber loops to help grip. Remember, a strapless bra will always be a little less comfortable than a regular bra, but if you get a good quality and well fitted one, you will be golden!

    Non-wire Bras
    Wire-free bras are a very comfortable solution for every woman, but especially those with size DD cups or larger, and who are curvy or petite in stature. Lingerie manufacturers understand this and now make many great looking soft cup bras. We encourage you to look at the wide selection now available.


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