Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hyped Up on Hosiery!

Hosiery is back and more popular than ever!

During the past few years hosiery has been making a comeback. It has gone from being an item that you only would see your grandmother wear to a key fashion statement for all ages. It has done so by changing colors, styles, shapes, and even by using a more diverse array of fabrics.

Every lady creates an outfit she loves and wants to wear all the time, but hesitate to in order to avoid repetitiveness. Well here's the solution! Grab a different pair of tights each time and spice it up a bit. Your peers will never notice you are wearing the same outfit over and over again.

Fashion Stocking patterns on the rise:

Must try style: Stay up thigh highs. Most people view thigh highs to be a sexy and used in the bedroom, but they were originally designed for a very functional purpose. These stockings have a silicone band at the top that resists slipping down the thigh taking the place of a garter belt which can be uncomfortable and sometimes get in the way and show underneath certain clothing. They provide ventilation in the crotch area reducing perspiration and potential bacteria and fungal growth. And hey, you can't complain if they happen to leave you looking sexy at the end of the day when you take off your clothing!

Must try Brands found at Bertha Church: Spanx, Commando, DKNY and Berkshire

Bonus: You are guaranteed to get chic for cheap! The average price of hosiery costs from $5 to $40 making it an inexpensive way to stay trendy this fall/winter season.

Above: Serena using thigh highs as leg warmers and a fashion statement and Blair spicing up her outfit in colored tights!


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