Thursday, December 22, 2011

Alex and Isabelle Hair Ties

Alex and Isabelle Hair Ties at Bertha Church

These fabulous, chic, colorful hair ties have been a hit for us at the store!

Fun: There is a wide array of colors that these ties come in. We get them custom made, so if you need some for a wedding party, sports team or other group we can make that happen.

Inexpensive: Single ties are $2 and doubles are $4.

Effective: They really do hold your hair back and leave you with less split ends than most hair elastics that I've tried in the past.

For a good cause: A portion of the sales that these ladies make is donated to the Conor B. Turnbaugh Foundation providing financial support to local families facing pediatric cancer.

If you find yourself stressing out over what to do with your hair, these ties are the solution! You don't have to be hair savvy in order to get a stylish look. Just add one of these fashionable ties and you're all set to go!

New Colors at the Store

Classic faves from the ladies at the store

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